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When someone creates a Social Good account using your link, you and your friend will each receive $100.

Let me tell you that the most unique thing about Social Good is that when you create an account with Social Good you get $100 free as a bonus without doing anything. You get SocialGood cryptocurrency (SG coin) and even $100 (T4JEM6 ) just for creating an account on it.

SocialGood In India ?

SocialGood is offering the user $100 for free because the company wants to grow in India. Social Good Foundation Inc has already received several patents for the use of cryptocurrencies to provide consumers with cashback, rewards, and redemption points. The mission of SocialGood Teams is to create the largest global platform in the world and bring financial freedom to all people around the world through the app.

The SocialGood app around the world

By expanding the use of the SocialGood app around the world, Social Good Foundation Inc works to close the global economic gap and improve society. We provide a global platform where people can make the world a better place and earn resources for themselves simply by shopping. Social Good Foundation Inc. created the Social Good app to launch an app where users can earn crypto assets simply by purchasing. Social Good Foundation offers a global smartphone app called Social Good , This app that allows users to earn SG cryptocurrency for free by shopping at over 1800 online stores.

A revolutionary mechanism

This is a revolutionary mechanism that allows users to create resources in complete safety and at no additional cost simply by purchasing everyday items using the SocialGood app. The SocialGood app allows you to earn SG coins that can be used to purchase in-app items or donate to social causes around the world. You can earn more by recommending SocialGood to your friends and family. SocialGood is a platform where you can earn real money in various ways.

How To Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency in SocialGood Site | social good app

Cryptocurrencies also started to rise as more people joined SocialGood. To earn SocialGood cryptocurrency, you need to click on the “Buy” section, where you will see various stores like Myntra, eBay, Adobe, Zaful, etc. where you can buy any product you want and in return, you will receive 100% SocialGoodCrypto. . The SocialGood team created the SocialGood eBay Amazon Lazada app.

crypto for social good

The SocialGood app works with over 1800 of the world’s leading shopping sites including AliExpress, eBay, Walmart, Lazada, Nike*, so users can earn up to 100% SocialGood (SG) crypto/crypto for social good when shopping through the app social good Money online spending.

Users who hold SG cryptocurrency in the SocialGood app can earn interest (staking bonus) every 6 hours, up to 15% per year. When the number of cryptocurrency holders (SocialGood (SG) crypto/crypto for social good users) increases to more than 23 million, or 100 times the current number, its price will increase by 100 times its current value. The cryptocurrency is known for its 7,529% growth rate since its initial listing, so you can expect the cryptocurrency to rise.

Concept Of SocialGood Site | social good app

Since then, the price of the asset has risen by 7,529%, and the concept is simple. Similar to how Bitcoin works. Our tool to change the world is an extension of the Social Goods Ecosystem (TM). It connects the world through the SocialGood cryptocurrency. The benefit of all people, businesses, and society as a whole. Social Good Foundation Inc’s way of making society. A better place is to connect the world with the token ecosystem and develop an ecosystem. It will be a win-win for everyone, businesses, and society as a whole.

Social Good Collaboration In The World | social good app

Google’s collaboration with AI for Social Goods is designed to support fundamental research and engineering. It provides the social sector with tools, resources, and funding, and work with partners across all sectors for greater impact. A recent United Nations report 40 highlighted the technology’s enormous potential for widespread application. While recognizing the need for improved data literacy and responsible AI research and dissemination. Future improvements in data infrastructure and artificial intelligence technologies are expected to bring more diverse potential AI4SG applications. This raises many questions about the societal impacts, harmful uses, risks, and management of these crucial innovations7,8.

Not all social impact applications of technology achieve their goals,30 leaving us with important experiences to learn from. We expect to see benefits in solutions for social benefit scenarios, especially given. The abundance of tabular data in the public and social sectors. Companies and universities with AI talent can also devote some of their research capacity. For new AI capabilities or socially beneficial solutions that otherwise cannot attract people with the necessary skills.

Cryptocurrency SocialGood (SG) can be withdrawn at any time. When it is necessary for the user, and in the future Social Good. Foundation Inc. plans to work with partner companies so that users can make purchases using their SG cryptocurrency. You just need to log into your account, then you will see “Referral” on the dashboard.

When you click on it, you will get a referral code that you need to share with your friends and family.

  • Your friends and family, and
  • when installing the SocialGood app, enter the referral code, ( T4JEM6 )and
  • you and your referred friend will receive a commission for it.

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